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20 Common Comments & Phrases Used In Nigerian Movies

The following comments/sentences are often used in Nigerian movies.

1. HOW DARE YOU? When a character does or says something daring that another character considers nasty or disrespectful. 2. I CAN EXPLAIN. When a character’s misdeed is exposed or when they are caught red-handed engaged in an unacceptable act. 3. ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK Same as in the case of I CAN EXPLAIN 4. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I CALLED YOU? Usually when an older character attempts to caution a younger one about what they (the younger one) are about to do or over what they have done wrong. 5. GOD FORBID! Chanted as a way of rejecting a bad wish or perceived bad wish against one. 6. OVER MY DEAD BODY! Same as in the case of GOD FORBID. 7. THUNDER FIRE YOU! An insulting phrase, invoking a lightning strike, yelled at a character in anger. 8. YOU ARE A FOOL. When a character does something foolish or is not smart enough. 9. I DON’T BLAME YOU. A sarcastic way of showing anger when one has been offended. 10. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. Same as in the case of I DON’T BLAME YOU. 11. BY THE TIME I’M THROUGH WITH YOU... Used as a threat by one character against another in a strong manner. 12. HOLY GHOST FIRE! A phrase chanted by a Christian character to counteract an enemy’s action. 13. WONDERS SHALL NEVER END. When something incredible happens. 14. SEE ME SEE TROUBLE Comment made by a character when they are being accused wrongly or when someone is trying to make trouble with them. 15. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? A question posed usually by an arrogant character to another character they consider less important. 16. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Used to challenge an arrogant character or a perceived pompous character. 17. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I WARNED YOU... ? or HAVE I NOT WARNED YOU... Used to show disapproval against a character who has carried out an action despite repeated warnings. 18. YOU ARE A WITCH. An insult thrown at a detested female character. 19. YOU SLAPPED ME? Posed by a character who has been slapped when they least expect it. 20. WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT THE MORNING (OR AFTERNOON OR EVENING)? An angry way of replying someone who has just greeted one

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20 Common Comments & Phrases Used In Nigerian Movies