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Things To Run Away From When You Are In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Things And Places To Avoid In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State As shared by Osam... If you're planning to visit or already living in Uyo, in Akwa Ibom State, please written below are things and places you need to avoid for your own good while you are in Uyo. 1. The Phone Repairers Around Plaza: Should your phone get spoilt, while in Uyo, please don't make the mistake of taking your phone to any of the so called phone repairers around the popular plaza, because majority of them are scammers. They don't know how to repair phones.They are just there looking for unsuspecting customers to swindle. Most of them are agents who pose and pretend to be genuine phone repairers. They are just there to seek and collect phones from customers, which are later taken to the real (but not so good) phone repairer somewhere for repairs. The outrageous fee collected from customers are usually shared between them. And most times, they are unable to repair the phones after collecting money from the owners of the phones. Their main aim is to 'chop' your money. They are swindlers. They don't take their time to learn the work well before setting up shop as phone repairers. Don't take your phone for repairs to any of those guys at plaza. Simply look for an authorized and well established phone repair company to take your bad phone to in uyo. 2. Shoe Sellers At Plaza: Avoid buying shoes or any footwear on display from any of the sellers around plaza. Majority of them sell substandard footwears that won't last more than 3 months before they start getting spoilt. Avoid them! They may be cheap, but they are substandard footwears. Save enough money and go to any good boutique in Uyo to get quality shoes that you can wear and enjoy for a long time. 3. And avoid dating Uyo girls. According to some guys I spoke with, most of the girls in Uyo are scammers. Many of them work hand in hand with their main boo to deceive and scam unsuspecting toaster or lover boy. They told me, most of these girls are usually sent and used by their main uyo boyfriend (that can't take care of them very well), to deceive and scam any guy that might want to date her. The girls will give the new loverboy sex, just to make him feel happy and convinced, while they (together with their main boo) feed on his money and resources... In order not to be scammed, they are advising guys to face their work/business, and avoid Uyo girls. Because the girls are not in Uyo to count flyovers. They are there to make money off guys.

4. Avoid those guys that will accuse you of hitting them after they hit you first or positioning themselves where you'd unintentionally or unknowingly hit them. They'll ask you to show them "joy" and if you give them a token out of good faith, their partners will infest the area and ask you for their "joy" too... Just tell them their tricks or shout and they'll disperse while cheering you as "smart guy" or "big boss" 5. When buying shoes at plaza, avoid those guys that will offer to insert pins in your shoes for free or for a token of N50. They will charge you N300 per pin afterwards and you must pay with cash or your phone.

Things To Run Away From When You Are In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State