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The Cost Of Fueling A Plane From Lagos To London

I have been very inquisitive about air travel lately. This took me on a journey to actually find out how much it costs to fuel planes. In this article, we would be using a Boeing 747 as reference and data (cost of aviation fuel) provided by IATA (International Air Transport Association).We would be calculating how much fuel would be consumed on a flight from Lagos (MMA) to London (Heathrow). First, let’s get some parameters right. Distance between the two airports: Approx. 5,006 Km Time taken for the journey: 6 hours 35 mins , which is equal to 395 mins Cost of aviation fuel: According to IATA, it costs 211.23 cts/gal cts/gal is a term used in aviation,it means cents per gallon. Lets convert this figure to ₦/litre Lets use 360 per $ One dollar is 100 cents 211.23 cents = 2.11 dollars To Naira = ₦759.6 This figure is per gallon 1 Gallon is approx. 3.79 litres That means its costs ₦759.6 per 3.79 litres That gives us ₦200.42 per litre Quantity of fuel used for the journey: The Boeing 747 uses about 12 litres per kilometre Remember we are travelling 5,006 Km That’s 60,072 litres consumed from Lagos to London Let’s covert that to Naira Remember it costs ₦200.42 per litre That brings the total cost of fuel to travel from Lagos to London to ₦12,039,630.24 Noticed any error? Kindly indicate.

The Cost Of Fueling A Plane From Lagos To London