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How To Survive If Your Vehicle Is Sinking In Deep Water

As much as no one prays to be in such situation, it’s good to be ready in the event that such happens. Let’s learn how we can survive a situation where a vehicle is sinking into a river or sea, or any large body of water. 1. Learn how to swim, it should be a basic skill, your life might depend on it one day. Prepare for it! 2. When the car is thrown into the air moving towards the body of water, brace for impact, it happens literally in seconds. Hold on to something. Your steering wheel would suffice, hold it at the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions. 3. Bear in mind that every second counts to ensure you come out alive. I am tempted to tell you to remain calm, but the truth is you just have to try to remain calm in that situation, no matter how hard it is. According to experts, panic is one of the major reasons why people drown because they can’t think straight. 4. The first thing you should do is, put your phone in your pocket immediately the vehicle lands in the water, unbuckle your seatbelt roll down the windows and crawl out through the windows and swim to safety.

Attempt to open the door just once. If it doesn't open, forget it and focus on the windows. The door won't open because of imbalance pressure, and it would further waste your time, energy and oxygen which you needed at that particular time.

REMEMBER EVERY SECOND COUNTS! 5. If the window refuses to open, the next step is to break it. Get a hard sharp object and break the edges of the window, those are the weakest points.

If you don’t have any sharp object, remove the head rest of your seat and use the metal part to break the four corners of the windows.

Every headrest is removable, press the pin on both sides, remove it and use it to strike your window. 6. If you can’t exit through the window for some reasons, wait for the car to fill up with water, then open the door, the pressure would have balanced. Once you open the door, you should see bubbles, swim in the direction of the bubbles. 8. As soon as you are out, you might still be able to use your phone to place a call to emergency lines, 112 and 767

How To Survive If Your Vehicle Is Sinking In Deep Water