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Mourinho: I'll make mistakes at Tottenham…but not the same ones!

New Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho says he will not make the same errors at Spurs that he did in previous managerial roles.

"I realised I made mistakes and I'm not going to make the same mistakes," he said.

"I'll make new mistakes - but not the same."

However, the 56 year old would not be drawn on what mistakes he was referring to.

"When I don't win I cannot be happy and I cannot change that," Mourinho added. "That is my DNA.

"I hope I can influence my players, because if you are happy losing football matches it is very hard to be a winner.

"Sometimes you have to work with people you don't love and work well. I have principles that I cannot change and one of those is that I don't think I can change."

Mourinho spent nearly £400m on 11 players during his two years at Manchester United, but believes he has already inherited a quality squad at Spurs.

"The best gift for me, I don't need players," he added. "I am happy with the ones I have.

"I just need more time with them. I know them well from playing against them, but you never know them well enough."

He said: "We cannot win the Premier League this season, but we can win it next season. Not will, but can."

Mourinho: I'll make mistakes at Tottenham…but not the same ones!…but-not-the-same-ones--WRGct