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Mainz 05 FC Savagely Hits Back At A Racist Fan After Racist Comments

Mainz 05 have released an official statement to express their pleasure after a fan cancelled his membership with the club, after he made racist statements. In a notice shared with the Bundesliga side, the aforementioned individual accused his club for using an excessive number of black players. Read the former member's notice published on the club's official website. "For several months now I have been unable to identify myself with this club (professional football)," "I've since gotten the impression that I'm at the Africa Cup, instead of the German Bundesliga. "I know what's coming, but no - I'm not racist in any way. I resent that. But, too much is enough. "But when the starting line-up for the past weeks has featured nine (!!!) Black players and German talents are being given fewer and fewer chances of their own, then this is no longer the club that has been near and dear to my heart over all these years." Mainz 05 savagely replies fan: " Not every cancelled membership is a cause for concern, sometimes we're relieved." The club described the argument as unacceptable and noted that, although they normally try to convince members against cancelling their memberships, in the current case they will not mourn his decision. "All that matters to us, is that someone is human and that they share in our values," Mainz declared. "Those are the kinds of people we welcome in our community. "In light of this, we welcome your cancellation as the reasons you've given clearly prove that you do not share those values that our club is based on."

Mainz 05 FC Savagely Hits Back At A Racist Fan After Racist Comments