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They Met On Twitter, Now They Are Getting Married

This is a case of a classic love movie as a lady with twitter handle @doyiinsola narrated how she and her would be husband @banjizillight met on Twitter and would be walking down the aisle soon.

One captivating thing was that the guy was staying abroad when they first met and they had their first physical meeting last march. They met on Twitter, the bond was instant. They chatted all day and all night. After a while, they began to do voice calls, then video calls. They got attracted to eachother. Thier personalities match, thier values matched more, they love God and had similar religious stand...(1) They decided to put a name to it, they started dating. He was abroad, she was in Nigeria. Opportunity came and he visited, just when she needed him most. The attraction was mad, the peace was unshaking, the bond became stronger. (2) Personality websites said they are each others bestest fit, it wasn’t a lie. On a faithful March afternoon, he decided to put a ring on month after first physical meeting. 5months after they are about to walk down the aisle & say thier vows! 5months felt like 5years❤️(3) Ours is an amazing story of love, God brought His best Son my way. It couldn’t have been anything I did right. I’m grateful for the gift of you Olabamiji @BanjiZillight Cheers to forever

They Met On Twitter, Now They Are Getting Married