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Never Make A Sex Video With Anyone

Every now and then, the internet recieves videos of lovers having sex and deliberately recording it for reasons best know to them. These videos they recorded in secrecy and never wanted any other eyes to see it, but sometimes things go wrong and old videos find thier way to social media. Besides in this age of smart phones and other digital devices, do you have a complete control of the content of your device? It is important to note that when lovers make these videos, everything is rosy and going on well, the love is at its peak and it seems nothing may ever go wrong. Even things go wrong in marriage beyond repair talk more of dating. In some cases, these videos are not even released by any of the partners involved but by someone who got hold of the device which contains the video. In the first place, your friends can borrow your phone just to check a thing or two and then behold the nudes or sex video, at first it may be funny and you can crack a joke out of it as a friend, but guess what? Friends turn foes too. You could also easily loose your phones and other digital devices in a theft or robbery and it falls right into the wrong hands. Also sometimes we carelessly sell our phones and devices or give it out for repair forgetting that there are sensitive materials inside them, then tomorrow you are an accomplished porn star you never planned to be. Never make a sex video or take nude photos with or for anyone, even if it is your husband or wife. Even if the public does not crucify you because it is your spouse, can you bear the shame of your nudes or naked video being in public domain? How will you walk past that annoying neigbour or those street gossips? Never take nude Photos or make sex video with anyone, not even your betrothed, things may be going on fine currently, tomorrow may be a different story, anyone may handle your phone or that device tomorrow. Think about the trauma and public ridicule you will pass through if what you are about to do gets into the public domain. The internet always shouts when it recieves and it screams really loud. Besides we live in a very hypocritical society where everyone does it but when one is caught, everyone crucifies him or her. Think of what you will put your parents through, how depressed and disappointed they will be. Think of the idiot hurt admirers that will have to stare at your nudes or watch your sex video and laugh at you. Think of the ridicule your family and friends will pass through in the hands of thier haters. Don’t do it, dont let five minutes of sweetness or stupidity ruin your whole lifetime.

Never do it, be guided!

Never Make A Sex Video With Anyone