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Five Things Ladies Must Know Before Marriage

As a girl caught up in the circles of getting married, you must train yourself. Here are few things you should know and avoid.

1. Sex and sleeping over is not a marriage certification:

Rather a sin because of what it begets. Engaging in pre-marital sex is like opening a surprise bag before it is being delivered to you. No matter how you sugarclothe it, whether you call it 'dating,' 'fianceship,' 'betrothedness' or all what not, it is wrong and it is very wrong to start living with the opposite sex before marriage; you pose yourself to be a toy to be played with then discarded when a new catch.

By the way, whoever likes an old, overused stuff that came free?

Dear singles, don't let anyone deceive you. Some married lady may be telling you to also do it, saying that's how she got hers. One question: with how many men was she this cheap before one unfortunate one was deceived?

2. Cooking, sweeping and laundry:

You saw 'cooking' right? You must feel it's a misplaced priority, but I'll prove you wrong. The African man will always stress on this wife-to-be being a good cook who can bring out his best meals palatable. Come to think of it, do many of them not cheat after all and choose another girl -- probably somebody who hasn't even cooked for him once?

Whoever told you food restrain cheats? If you like, wash his dirty undies as well as his lineage's dump, mob the whole stair case from his house to the express, do the dishes, or sweep his house even to the next three streets, he'll marry the person he'll still marry. Sorry to poke your bubble. Many who did all these ended up in Titanic tears.

In fact, I advise you to be you: let him know the boundaries of a wife and a girlfriend. As you yourself keep numerous male friends trying to sift the best option, guys also keep a handy of female friends till the 'heavenly' match is ascertained. Don't come and nanny another woman's husband for free.

3. Avoid the 'sex before marriage' crew:

I have little to say. Just realize that many perverts are finding the nearest gullible one to use this ancient trick on. What actually are they testing? If they don't believe you are the marriage type, why don't the choose another? Truth is if you accidentally get pregnant, there is still no guaranty of marriage. You have your permission to try it; it'll end in tears.

4. Take care of your body:

Taking care does not mean you have to fix hawk feathers as eye-lashes, expose cleavages or wear mini-skirt, it actually means being responsible. Go easy on the make-up, it actually doesn't get anything positive, but sexually negative. Second, if you have a bump on your belly that protrudes, try treat it. Over 98% of guys alive will actually take it for what it commonly is: THAT YOU HAVE A BABY!

Funnily, if that is the case, you cannot hide it, almost all guys are specially gifted in discovering this. You see why you shouldn't even have pre-marital sex in the first place, let alone an abortion?

5. Always say the truth about your details. Rather than lying, it's better you tell somebody that a particular request is confidential. Remember, one lie must need more lies to keep the lie young.

One thing is you can freely lie about your age, certification or any other thing and get married (a trophy you think) but believe you me, the day your partner discovers you fooled him all along, that is the day you pause the love, trust and peace forever.


It's not about looking beautiful or less beautiful that determines the speed, it's about discovering who you shouldn't be. It's about not following the worldly course of fashion. Most times, we are the reason why our relationSHIPS sail for the rift. Remember, not all engagement rings are an Alice-in-wonderland world, some are suffeRINGS.


Five Things Ladies Must Know Before Marriage