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6 Things Guys Should Never Try On A First Date

Going on a first date with someone new can be scary sometimes. It’s like a job interview but this time there is just one interviewer and refreshments are served. The thought of what to do and what not to can make your heart skip some beats. You want to appear your best, watch what you say and not sure what could sound inappropriate or cool. Below are 6 things you should avoid doing to help make things more interesting and fun. 1. Avoid Bragging: Don’t boast about yourself, your achievements, your influence, how much money you have got etc. If you keep talking about yourself, it will bore the conversation and your date might feel very uncomfortable. She would think you are self centred and can’t engage in intelligent conversations. Ask her questions about herself rather than bragging about your accomplishments. 2. Never Talk About Your Ex(es): Unless the topic naturally pops up in your discussion, do not bring up your past relationships as a subject in your conversation. Doing this would end up sending the message that you are either not gotten over them or still seeing them. 3. Don’t Show Up Late: Arriving late on your first date gives a bad impression that you did not prioritize your date and plan your day accordingly. It may also give her the idea that you do not manage your time very well and never serious about anything, this is the last impression you want to make on a lady you are trying to woo. 4. Smell Bad: The way you smell has more influence on women more than you think. It’s the first time you are getting up close and personal with her, don’t ruin it with bad breath and body odour, you do not want her remembering you with that. Bad body or mouth smell is a huge turn off to women. wear a nice perfume, use mouth freshner, Smile with courage and get close with confidence. 5. Talk About Sex Or Boast About Your Sex Escapades: Do not be tempted to talk about sex or how good you are in bed. If the subject comes up, brush the surface like an adult and move on. Don’t brag about how you have slept with a lot of women and what went down. You will simply sell your self as a flirt who is only interested in women for sex and that would make her run. Talk about other things that could connect the both of you and make it as fun as possible. 6. Don’t Get Too Intense Or Serious: Its a first date and both of you just started trying to figure out each other. Don’t get too touchy and emotional, even if you are real, you may appear fake and desperate. Don’t ask her to marry you when you barely know her, it may scare her away. If you are interested in a topic and she seems not, drop it. Don’t lecture her on international law and foreign politics, we know it’s your passion but hey! It’s not the right time.

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6 Things Guys Should Never Try On A First Date