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Gov Dickson Accuses Military Hierarchy Of Compromising Security In Bayelsa Poll

The Governor of Bayelsa State, the Honourable Henry Seriake Dickson, has accused the General Officer Commanding (GOC), 6th Division of the Nigerian Army, of compromising security in favour of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The Governor said that, even though Gen. Sarham has been transfered to the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, he refused to move and waited behind to supervise the use of the Army to perpetrate heinous electoral crimes and irregularities in the Bayelsa guber polls.

He noted that the GOC and the Brigade Commander of the Artillery Brigade, attached soldiers to all APC leaders in all the wards who they use to terrorize people from one polling unit to another.

The Governor added that the GOC moved to Yenagoa to personally supervise the undemocratic and illegal activities of the Army in the Bayelsa polls, using the Brigade Commander of the Artillery Brigade as the commander of his soldiers in the orgy of violence on Bayelsans.

Major General Sarham was reportedly expected to handover to his successor, Major General Felix Aguguo, on November 5, but was said to have aborted the handing over process till after the Bayelsa governorship poll.

It would be recalled that the State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Moses Cleopas, had alerted the nation of a plot by the APC to use the GOC and the Nigerian Army to undermine security during governorship poll in Bayelsa.

“I am accusing the GOC of of the 6th Brigade, Major General Sharham Jamil of delaying his handing over process after his transfer to the Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna, to perfect this illegal mission of rigging the election in Bayelsa.

“He and the Brigade Commander of Artillery Brigade, Elele, Lt Col Wase, are the ones attaching soldiers to all APC chieftains in every Ward to rig the election in all the polling units.

"I understand that because of the desperation of the Federal Government, the GOC 6th Division, Port Harcourt, Gen. Sarham who is known as the commander of the APC Army rigging wing, refused to move even with his transfer to the NDA as commandant and I wonder what lessons he will be giving to those young cadet officers.

“General Sarham has defied his transfer posting and has stayed back to complete his mission of rigging Bayelsa for APC.

“General Sarham has moved to Yenagoa some days back and he’s there now breathing down on everybody and using soldiers everywhere to terrorize, intimidate and to arrest our people.

"So gentlemen, let me say once again, this election, you should allow the people of Bayelsa to vote, anywhere the people of Bayelsa have the opportunity to vote, they will vote PDP. They will vote for the candidate of our party. APC knows that and that is why the desperation is so high.

“I call on the President of the Federal Republic, even though he has decided to look the other way since 2015 when Timipre Silva, his right hand man was deployed to kill and terrorize our people.

“The President has to wake up and do something; this is not a democracy; what is going on in Bayelsa in the name of an election is not a democracy.

“The observers are everywhere and everyone knows what is going on. I call on the president to call the security forces, the Army to do what is right, I call on the Inspector General of Police to be true to his professional calling and direct the DIG and all police officers to protect the people of Bayelsa State.

“I do not want to be pushed to the level of calling them to defend and protect themselves, I would not want to do that, but please, there is so much a people can take in the hands of their brothers and sisters in the name of an election", Governor Dickson lamented.

Gov Dickson Accuses Military Hierarchy Of Compromising Security In Bayelsa Poll