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The 10 Books You Should Read In 2020 To Have A Productive Year

George R.R Martin once said "A reader lives a thousand times in one life. A non reader lives just once". (Pardon the paraphrase) These books that I shall be bringing to your notice will so much help boost productivity as a business owner and individual. The first book is; 1. HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE written by DALE CARNEGIE in 1936. In life, no matter how well you love to do things by yourself, you can't be all productive by yourself. You need friends, most importantly you need to know how to influence friends. This book will help you know the kind of people you should befriend, how you can make friends and how to influence them. 2.YOU CAN NEGOTIATE ANYTHING by HERB COHEN I can bet there is hardly any day you can do without negotiating. Most days of our lives we spend it negotiating (an example is negotiating with transporters who we want to reduce the price they'd use to transport us to our desired destinations). Herb Cohen is one of the greatest negotiators who has lived. He even negotiated for nations. In this book, Herb Cohen brings you the secrets to negotiating anything. 3. MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR by TOMAS J.STANLY For every young person who would like to be a millionaire, this book is very helpful. This books helps you to understand HOW TO BE RICH and not HOW TO LOOK Rich. Many youths hustle for the FLASH these days and that's why you see that they don't last. They spend every BOOM they hit on Phones,Television, Cars etc. This books helps you to understand how to be rich and act like a rich individual. 4. PREDICTABLY IRRATIONAL by DAN ARIELY This book helps you to understand the irrational behaviors of human beings and how to deal with them. It helps you to understand the PSYCHOLOGY OF LIFE. 5. TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST TOUGH PEOPLE DO by ROBERT SCHULLER In this book, you will understand you have no excuse you shouldn't be successful in life. Research has shown that 80% of successful people are actually people who made it from nothing. It doesn't matter if you are a PRINCE,there are days you will face challenges that will shake you. These books helps you to be strong and how to stand the test of time. 6.WHY YOU ACT THE WAY YOU DO by TIM LAHAYE. Just like the title of this book,this books helps you to set the right mindset about anything. There are times you act and you don't understand your actions. You will understand your irrational behavior if you read this book. 7.THINK AND GROW RICH by NAPOLEON HILL. I know most of you have heard about this book. However, I'm sure most of you have just heard about it but never read it. This book has helped a lot of people become and develop a millionaire mindset. For you to act like or be a millionaire in 2020, you need to read THINK AND GROW RICH. 8. 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE by STEPHEN COVEY. One of the lessons you shall be learning from this book is SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE PRO-ACTIVE. They don't blame circumstances for their mistakes. They stand up and make things right. This book will help you develop a new insight to becoming a better version of yourself as a successful person. 9. RICH DAD POOR DAD by ROBERT KIYOSAKI. I know a lot of you must have heard about RICH DAD POOR DAD,you probably might have read about it but forgotten its lessons. This book helps to give a different perspective about EDUCATION AND WEALTH. A story of an individual with two different dads and how each dad influences him with WEALTH AND EDUCATION. And lastly; 10.RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON by GEORGE S.CLASON This book is one of the most populous books in history and has helped a lot of people acquire new mindsets towards wealth. RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON is just one of those books in history a scholar,business owner or any individual should not do without reading.... These books I can promise you, if you consume them in 2020,you shall have a different story to tell. Do not read the summaries, read the whole book and gain new insights to LIFE OJEDIRAN AYOMIDE THEOPHILUS

The 10 Books You Should Read In 2020 To Have A Productive Year