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5 harmful illnesses linked with Smoking Shisha

Shisha as it's known in Nigeria, is a water pipe that allows a person to smoke tobacco and combine it with sweet flavours, such as watermelon, coconut, banana, apple or chocolate. This type of smoking is mostly done by teenagers and youth as they tend to explore but unknowingly silently endangering themselves to terminal illnesses.

This article is important to read as it clears the misconceptions that shisha smoking does not cause any harm unlike the normal cigarette. 

Let's dive into the deadly Illnesses and health hazards which may arise from smoking shisha.

1. Smoking Shisha can cause cancer. The charcoal used in heating the tobacco produces high level of carbon monoxide, metal and other cancer causing chemicals which goes into the bloodstream in high concentration. It's advisable to desist from this type of smoking because the carbon monoxide deplete the amount of oxygen in the blood stream and increase the level of metals and chemicals which are dangerous to the health.

2. Liver cirrhosis. The liver is the center of detoxification as it's paramount to the detoxification of toxins. When the liver is inflamed with so much toxins than it can handle, the beta cells of the liver dies and the outstanding capabilities of the liver reduces leaving the body prone to toxic attacks and finally liver cirrhosis.

3. Lungs related diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The smoke from the Shisha inflames the lungs, causing them hard to make use of oxygen and facilitate their performance. Shisha makes breathing difficult when the lungs has been in a pretty bad shape and this may even lead to death in most cases.

4. Premature birth and sometimes miscarriage. Smoking Shisha may cause early child birth or miscarriage and this is as a result of the insufficient oxygen the child suffers in the womb. Therefore, to have a good and healthy pregnancy amongst other healthy precautions, flee from smoking shisha.

5. Shisha smoking leads to severe addiction and premature aging. This is cause by the depletion of the amount of oxygen that reaches the skin for nourishment.

Most youth and individuals are slowly dying due to the use of Shisha and the misleading information that it does not have any negative impact. This emanated so the flavours and the Shisha would sell, more like a marketing plan.

It's advisable to completely desist from smoking shisha and give your health the priority it deserves.

5 harmful illnesses linked with Smoking Shisha