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Reason why Mane uses iPhone with cracked screen

Mane has been praised by many fans world wide for his humble nature. Mane is one football player who cares little about worldly things. He was spotted recently with an iPhone with badly cracked screen. Mane is among Liverpool's highest earners with around 150,000 pounds a week.

With such huge amount of money, Mane can easily buy a brand new iPhone everyday,if he wanted to do so. The Liverpool star player, however spends his money on a more important venture(charity). Mane feeds so many Senegalese people. He has built schools and placed some poor people on monthly allowance. Mane believes that he doesn't need fancy things .He is of the view that all he cares about is giving back to the society a little of what football has given him.

So many football fans have taken to social media to praise the Senegalese for his kind nature.

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Reason why Mane uses iPhone with cracked screen