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Four Suspects Arrested Over Murder of Six Bouncers in Busia Funeral

At least four suspects have been arrested in connection with the killing of the six bouncers at Busembula village in Butula Sub County last Friday.

Speaking to the press at Busia police station on Monday, Busia County Commissioner Jacob Narengo said the three male and one female suspects are being held in police custody and are helping the police with further investigations.

“As of yesterday, we have been able to arrest four people who will help the police with more investigations before being taken to court,” he said.

Bouncers at the funeral of Busia businessman: PHOTO COURTESY

Narengo urged the local residents to volunteer more information to help in the arrest of other suspects who are still at large.

“We would also urge members of the public to be patient because investigations are ongoing,” he said adding that there are allegations from some quarters that the government has not taken any step in handling the incident.

The six deceased persons met their death when they were attacked by irate members of the community when they attended the funeral of a prominent businessman Joaness Oduor in Butula Sub County on Friday.

The unfortunate incident happened after the bereaved family suspected that the six could have been behind the abduction and later the death of Oduor.

The families of the six from Nyando Sub County, Kisumu have however condemned the incident arguing that their sons were innocent and appealed to the government to ensure that justice is served.

Family members of bouncers who were lynched in Busia funeral: PHOTO COURTESY

The bodies of the deceased were transferred from Busia County Referral Mortuary to Ahero Sub County hospital after undergoing postmortem.

“We are zeroing in on the key suspects and I want to assure the local residents that we will soon catch up with them very soon,” he said warning that the days of the perpetrators are numbered.

He further stated that police have managed to contain the upsurge of robbery cases in the County.

The County Commissioner at the same time urged residents of Butula to be vigilant and report suspicious characters to the police, noting that some residents were living in fear of possible retaliation from the aggrieved families.

“We have intensified police patrols in the area and the County at large,” he said warning that anybody participating in lawlessness will not be spared.

Four Suspects Arrested Over Murder of Six Bouncers in Busia Funeral