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2 Ex-US Soldiers Attempt To Assasinate Venezuelan President With 300 Hungry Men

Dramatic moment Venezuelan army foils 'amateur' coup attempt led by Green Beret with his two Special Forces buddies - and 'backed by shadowy US billionaires' - as they set out to assassinate President Maduro with '300 hungry, untrained men' The moment two U.S. former special forces soldiers were arrested in Venezuela was dramatically caught on video as their 'plot to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro' was foiled. The coup was coordinated by an ex-Green Beret named Jordan Goudreau, 43, who says the objective was to capture Maduro. Goudreau claims to have built a force of 300 men, reportedly backed by US billionaires. President Maduro called the arrested men 'terrorist mercenaries’ and blamed the attacks on the Trump administration, Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaidó and neighboring Colombia, all of which have denied involvement. Pictured Luke Denman (left) and Airan Berry (right): Two arrested US 'mercenaries playing Rambo' are paraded after failed attempt 'to kill' Venezuela's Maduro in a failed raid, the president claimed.

Footage shows Venezuelan authorities catching the group as they attempted to land in a fishing boat and arresting them. Security forces guard the shore area and a boat in which authorities claim a group of armed men used to land in the port city of La Guaira, Venezuela on Sunday, May 3, 2020

IDs Former Green Beret Jordan Goudreau (pictured center) said earlier on Monday that he was working with the two men on a mission intending to detain Maduro and 'liberate' Venezuela. Goudreau has claimed responsibility for the operation. Airan Berry served as a Sergeant First Class in the U.S. military from 1996 and 2013.

Maduro displayed comms, walkie-talkies, passports, combat vests, credit cards and other military equipment recovered from the mercenaries when blaming the attempted attacks on the Trump administration.

Venezuelan security forces lead one of the men arrested on Monday for reportedly participating in a plan to kill President Maduro and topple his socialist government with help from the United States and Colombia. Maduro ally and Attorney General Tarek William Saab said in a press conference (pictured) that in total they've arrested 114 people suspected in the attempted attack and they are on the hunt of 92 others. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) led a campaign to oust Maduro, indicting the socialist leader as a narco-trafficker and offering a $15 million reward for his arrest in March.

2 Ex-US Soldiers Attempt To Assasinate Venezuelan President With 300 Hungry Men