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"Efe Martins And Pac Arrested Along With Hushpuppi" - Kemi Olunloyo

Three other people who were arrested with Hish Puppi have been revealed by Kemi Olunloyo.

They are:

1) Woodberry, A close associate of Hush Puppy, who was also arrested with Hush Puppy yesterday. 2) Efe Martins, He is Hushpuppi’s Neighbor at Pallazo Versace Apartments was also arrested yesterday. 3) PAC, he’s another Dubai based baller who is always flashy in Instagram and was arrested yesterday too.

THREAD ON THE ARREST OF BILLIONAIRE REAL ESTATE MOGUL Ray HushPuppi HushPuppi was arrested yesterday in Dubai at his apartment Pallazo Versace along with his entire team. I will introduce them to you one by one. The case belongs to @SecretService @fbi @INTERPOL_HQ and it involves $35M wire fraud meant for #Covid19 test kits. "Pac" is another Dubai based big boy and in HushPuppi's close knit inner circle. He was arrested alongside HP. Flashy luxurious items on IG page. Real name not known. Authorities will release later. HushPuppi's neighbor at the Palazzo Versace apartments Efe Martins was also arrested in the alleged scam. His Instagram page is also full of luxurious items. Real Nigerian name not disclosed yet by Authorities.

"Efe Martins And Pac Arrested Along With Hushpuppi" - Kemi Olunloyo