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South African Analyst Drags AKA for Stirring Campaign Against Burna Boy

AKA is now catching a lot of flak from his own countrypeople who have noticed how he’s centred himself in the conversation surrounding Burna Boy’s scheduled performed in the country.

Recall that a controversy started this week when some local South African artists announced their plans to boycott Burna’s Africa Unite concert, and this was backed by rapper AKA who has qualms with the Nigerian superstar. Yesterday, Burna Boy made it clear that he will perform in South Africa and is ready to die for a united African cause.

Now, South Africans themselves have noticed AKA’s self-centred rants and are calling him out for it.

“If not for Burna Boy and his dominance, your career would be over by now,” said political analyst Jamie Mighti to the rapper. Adding, “You were hot long ago during the Victory Lap in 2007 and then you fell, and you fell hard. That’s why no-one was buying your albums, you were forcing people to bring albums. You couldn’t fill up anything, you couldn’t fill up a town hall.”

And this led to an exchange between him and AKA. Check it out below:

Mr political illiterate, Mr mascot wama watermelon please come here.
Mr @akaworldwide (who is not worldwide ) come and fetch your big juicy L.
Your L vovo. Your Derango 🤣
You Political illiterate 😂😂🤣😂🤣 woza. Exposed.
Go wear sneakers.
— The Rinser. (@MightiJamie)
This one is for @akaworldwide , you don’t run South Africa. @burnaboy is welcome here.
You tried to come for me because you are scared of @Julius_S_Malema , I will rinse you.
— The Rinser. (@MightiJamie)
How can someone with a bio like yours be so vapid. Scary stuff.
— AKA (@akaworldwide)
South African Analyst Drags AKA for Stirring Campaign Against Burna Boy