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Exposition On Hushpuppi, Flashy Lifestyle Of A Society Of Nobody Holy Pass

EXPOSITION ON HUSHPUPPI, FLASHY LIFESTYLE OF A SOCIETY OF NOBODY HOLY PASS. Just like all social vices, fraud is addictive and the more you get into it, the more you are captivated to get more until you are caught then you realize how messed up you have ended. Nobody holy pass because you never can tell how your actions have pushed someone into crime. When I broke the news of hushpuppi’s arrest to my goons that have every genuine reason in the world to continue in the lavish lifestyle of fraud, to my greatest surprise, none of these folks supported their own or felt any remorse for their nefarious activities, they rather began to cast aspersions on their senior colleague (a one time mentor) who their gist about his achievements forced me to follow him on IG since 2017 in search for contents for my blog. By the way, he was always in the news and once wrote an epic letter to the youths (some parts are referenced before this post). “Kamani, Hushpuppi too do... I go done stop yahoo if I get even one quarter of wetin Hushpuppi don make from yahoo.” one of them replied. When I asked how much you don chop so far from street, dude suddenly went mute. Why? Because he was unable to account for the several thousands of dollars he had received, both shared with others and personal. It’s the same scenario of unaccounted accumulation that played out with Hushpuppi because the lavish lifestyle made him to lose count of the several millions he has received and shared. I am pretty sure he’d be shocked when the charges of his exploits are read to him. THE SYSTEM There’s never a one man squad in fraud or if there ever is, it will be the petty one called 419 and sooner than later, there must be a recruitment to advance the scam. Often times, there’s a subtle competition among scammers on who don blow pass and puppi’s greatest rival seems to be Mompha. Hushpuppi today happens to be the bad egg and even the hens that lay and nurture them are also clucking in condemnation but I still maintain that nobody holy pass. No matter how you try to feign holiness, fraud has so eaten deep into our system that the many business tycoons and politicians that we look up to in town may not necessarily press computers at odd hours to bomb or hack but are the greatest beneficiaries at the forefront to receive greater proceeds in percentage by providing accounts for receiving this stolen funds mostly through money laundering and influence. A few CSOs and NGOs are not left out. Hushpuppi is not the evil, he is a reflection of the society we live in and because Interpol/FBI understand that for every dancing bird on a footpath, there’s definitely a drummer in the bush, they are doing everything naturally possible to blacklist even the few legit ones among us because they can’t fathom how long it will take us to compromise standard and adopt fraudulent practices. The principles you preach on social media have a watering price tag that even if you wish to decline the offer, someone will pass behind your back to do it on your behalf through impersonation to soil your reputation. Kindly channel your energy to the system and not the product.

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Exposition On Hushpuppi, Flashy Lifestyle Of A Society Of Nobody Holy Pass