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Daddy Freeze Slammed For Dinning With Hushpppi. Defends Himself

Nigerians condemned Daddy freeze on twitter for dining with Hushpuppi and not asking him for his source of wealth while he continued to attack Nigerian pastors for tithes.

Daddy Freeze reacted to the backlash that trailed a video of him dining with arrested suspected fraudster, Hushpuppi. The media personality known for calling out Pastors over some of their actions, was accused of hypocrisy for dining with Hushpuppi. He was also accused of mocking unemployed Nigerians as he mentioned how much the "Instagram" big boy's driver and cleaner makes.

Daddy Freeze however defended himself by quoting Mark 2:15 where Jesus dined with "sinners". He added that Nigerians are funny people and he is glad that he is not accountable to anyone except his master. The media personality went on to block social media users who were trolling him and also said "he will say what will make them drink sniper". On being a hypocrite, he stated that he uses the scripture to point fingers at Nigerian Pastors while they can't do same to him.

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Daddy Freeze Slammed For Dinning With Hushpppi. Defends Himself