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The USSV Rhino XT Is A Luxury SUV Built For The Streets

Successfully combining a rugged aesthetic with luxury materials, the ‘rhino XT’ luxury SUV by a Californian automotive fashion house, US specialty vehicles, is a sports utility vehicle built for the streets. The company specializes in bringing uniquely designed and re-engineered luxury SUVs to life. Inspired by the big and burly hummer ‘H1′, the US specialty vehicles ‘Rhino XT’ is based upon a custom JEEP ‘Wrangler Unlimited’. It features aggressive bodywork that includes riveted flared fenders, bold bumpers, fiber-reinforced plastic body panels, designer tow hooks, plus a heavy-duty roll cage. The fender flares are designed to be removed smoothly so it can transform from a secure on-road vehicle to a rugged off-road warrior in minutes. The luxury SUV has unique alloy wheel rims, designed to enhance its rugged aesthetic. Toyo ‘Open Country A/T’ tires provide superior off-road traction, in any drive condition, plus a quiet and comfortable ride. Beneath the bonnet is a 3.6 liter V6 naturally aspirated engine that provides 285 horsepower to the luxury SUV. Interior refinements include red leather seats, a 3D digital instrument panel, plus an alpine premium navigation system paired with a rear-view camera to enhance visibility. The ‘Rhino XT’ even comes equipped with a removable roof so you can experience the open-air whether hitting the pavement or attacking trails.

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The USSV Rhino XT Is A Luxury SUV Built For The Streets