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Catfish Shatters Woman's Windscreen After Dropped By Flying Bird

It's not unusual to hear about a driver who hit a dog or a cockerel while driving on the street. However, the story of a catfish shattering the windscreen of a woman is what we’ll all have to admit as being unusual. Rhesa Walston, an office manager in North Carolina, Washington was driving home after visiting her mother on December 18 when a large bird (could be an eagle or a hawk) dropped a catfish on the passenger side of her SUV's windscreen, shattering it. Naijauto learned that the fish and windscreen were irreparably damaged as a result of the height the catfish was dropped from. Walston took some pictures of the catfish incident and shared on her Facebook page with the caption, "Soooo. . . .I hit a catfish on the way home from my moms tonight. Thank you to Brandi Barrow and Stuart Barrow for coming to help me and finding the fish. . .because really who would believe me if I didn't have the fish.

****Explanation**** A bird dropped the fish onto my car." At the time of this report, the post has gotten more than 27,000 reactions, with 14,000 comments. Her post also got more than 139,000 shares. Presently, Walston is driving a rented car while she waits for her windscreen to be replaced with a new one.

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Catfish Shatters Woman's Windscreen After Dropped By Flying Bird