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7 vital Tips For Drivers This Harmattan Season

Harmattan season is upon us once again.

Its a season that seems not to be good for most drivers, as accident can take place due to the fact that visibility is diminishing. In some parts of nigeria it can lead to poor vision. Despite these we can still drive safely under these conditions. Here are some steps that will help out in situations like this: 1. Avoid over speeding: During harmattan season there is every tendency that the atmosphere will be majorly dusty/foggy. It is always advisable to drive at a moderate speed in order to pay attention to the road. If we can maintain a steady speed then we will be able to prevent accidents which may lead to loss of life or severe injuries. 2. Drive Carefully: As a result of poor visibility, ots advisable to drive moderately. This will help in braking adequately when necessary. 3. Avoid drifting: When vision is bad there is every tendency of deviating into the middle of the road, ensure you maintain your track because you never can tell if another vehicle with a similar situation is closeby. 4. Use fog lights or driving lights Many cars have fog or driving lights that are factory installed. These lights are usually placed low in or under the front bumper. They are aimed as far as possible at the floor in front of the car. Fog lights differ from driving lights mainly in the way they project the light. Fog lights often have clear or yellow lenses. When driving, lights usually have clear lenses. The beam of light produced by fog lights is usually wide and flat; flat to stay close to the road surface and minimize reflections from fog and wide to better illuminate the sides of the road. 5. Use your low beam The visibility in front of you decreases significantly in fog. Therefore, use the low beam of the car (if the car has no fog lights or driving lights). Heavy fog prohibits the use of high-beam headlights. The light from high-beam headlights is reflected by thick fog. When the fog gets thinner, the high beam can become more effective. Check regularly that the fog is so thin that high beam can be used. 6. Use caution at all times Air humidity can accumulate continuously on the windshield, which makes it harder to see. Adjust the defogger and windshield wiper speed as necessary. This can really help to increase the visibility. 7. Ask for assistance Don't be afraid to ask your passengers to look for oncoming cars and obstacles on the road.

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7 vital Tips For Drivers This Harmattan Season