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5 Important Tools To Work On Your Own Car At Home

Believe it or not, not all car repairs are worth calling a car mechanic for. A good number of repairs can be handled by you, even if you aren’t good with DIY projects like this. Carrying out the repairs by yourself could save you some extra change. Besides, there’s this feeling of satisfaction I derive from doing these things myself, I don’t know about you. However, if you know how to carry out basic repairs on your car but you don’t have the right set of tools to execute these repairs, you are as good as not knowing anything. Some tools, you could easily improvise if you are very creative. Some others, however, can not be improved. You either have them or you don’t. And if you decide to go ahead and try to carry out a repair without the right set of tools, you would end up wasting your time or damaging your car in the best case scenario. And in the worst case scenario, you end up wasting your time and damaging your car. Why don’t you help yourself and invest in some basic mechanic’s tools. These tools aren’t always expensive. And if some of them are, they would be worth the investment, trust me. I have taken the time to compile some of the most basic mechanic’s tools to work on your car at home. 1. Work Gloves

This seems basic enough, doesn’t it? This simple tool is there to, you guessed right, protect your hands. If you’re changing your car engine oil or replacing your brake pads, you would need a pair of work gloves to keep your hands clean. Except you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. But even if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, do you not also mind getting your hands burned? If you are working on parts that produce a lot of heat while driving, it only makes sense that you use gloves to protect your hands from the heat, right? 2. Tyre Pressure gauge

A tyre pressure gauge could solve a lot of problems with your car. Have you been feeling like you ride hasn’t been as smooth as it used to be? Maybe you realized that you have had to unusually refill your gas tank more often these days? Well, a tyre pressure gauge is there to help you out. A tyre pressure gauge helps you diagnose tyre problems quickly and easily. 3. A set of spanners

This is single handedly one of the most important tools that you would need to work your car. The car has a lot of screws and nuts that need loosening. Without the appropriate spanners, all your efforts in trying to loosen any screw or not would be brought to naught. There are many types of spanners so you should be careful when you’re choosing any for yourself. 4. A Jack and an appropriate stand

If you are not comfortable working under your car, it’s fine. But you’re still going to need the jack. It’s part of the tools that has been legally mandated in some countries to always have with you in your car. Who knows when you would get a flat tyre? However, flat tyres are not the only reason why you would want to raise your car on jack. If you want to change your car Engine oil or you want to replace your brake pads, you would definitely need to raise your car with a jack. Also, remember that you have to shock your tyres to prevent them from going anywhere when you are about to raise your car on a jack. This is important. 5. Set of screwdrivers

A set of screwdrivers is just as important as any other tool on this list. I’m not just talking about some random screwdrivers here and there. I’m talking about a complete set of strong and durable screwdrivers that can be used to effectively work on your car. Don’t forget that anything that needs to be screwed in your car must be screwed tight. So, this calls for the use of a sturdy screwdriver. Last Words When you are trying to carry out any repairs on your car, you can’t just do without having these tools. That is why you should make sure to invest in these tools, and not just any kind of tools. You should invest in tools of high quality. Even if they cost much now, you most likely wouldn’t need to replace them very often in the future. There are a good number of things that you can repair on your car all by yourself. However, I don’t expect you to be able to fix all car problems on your own, especially if you don’t know much about car repairs. It is then important to call your car mechanic to come to your rescue.

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5 Important Tools To Work On Your Own Car At Home