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Inside Kano Footwear Factory That Produces 1.2 Million Pairs Daily (Photos)

APIN produce EVA-Slippers, sandals and flip-flops in Nigeria, Kano. The slipper collection present an unlimited variety, a lot of different materials, colorful colors and variants. Thedesign range goes from classic bathing shoes for the beach and leisure time to witty street shoes. All styles are smart, unusual with a lot of details. The main material of the shoes is plastic (EVA) in combination with cork, fabric combination, accessories, peart applications, flowers, fancy yarns, fabric-covered. Some styles areembossed with a foot-bes. But the main argument are the unique colors and the creativity styles of the footwear, which is made in Nigeria with the touch of African and Nigerian Spirit. Production More than 1.2 million pairs of shoes daily - these figures speak for themselves! Independent production circuits, gigantic production areas, as well as sufficient manpower for manual production steps facilitate high flexibility for APIN along the complete line of production - absolutely according to the needs of the customers. At the same time,our international management is always making sure that worldwide standards are met in the social field and in environmental protection Years of experience With over 60 years of experience in the production of shoes, APIN today belongs to the most significant manufacturers of the West African market. Being a shoe specialist, we not only have excellent insider-knowledge with respect to market requirements, but we are furthermore also able to optimally adapt composition and design of all materials tothe respective needs The best in quality, ultimate flexibility, and maximum reliability in delivery and performance safeguard the international success of APIN, Nigeria.

Inside Kano Footwear Factory That Produces 1.2 Million Pairs Daily (Photos)